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Acorn Consultancy aims to provide you with legal advice on a variety of commercial issues from drafting of contracts to legalities relating to risk governance and compliance management.

Our Key Areas of Expertise

Information Communication and Technology

The field of Information Communication and Technology [ICT] is multidisciplinary, and our experience in this field has allowed us to offer a wide range specialist advice in all aspects of ICT law including regulatory compliance. Our specialist advice includes the following:


  • Drafting of agreements for ICT infrastructure; hardware support and maintenance; software licensing; software support and maintenance; web or software development;
  • Drafting of wholesaler and reseller agreement for ICT products, and advising on the implications of such agreements;
  • Advise on all aspects of e-commerce, legal consequences of electronic business transactions as well as the drafting and reviewing of terms and conditions for e-commerce transaction or online business;
  • Drafting and reviewing terms and conditions for websites;
  • Drafting and reviewing of terms and conditions for ICT services and/or products offered to businesses and consumers, as well as use policies related thereto;
  • Advising on compliance and regulatory matters in the ICT sphere.

Corporate and Commercial

Through our corporate and commercial experience, we have the capacity to advice on a wide variety of corporate and commercial issues including:


  • Drafting of commercial contracts;
  • Advice on implementation and termination of contracts;
  • Drafting, reviewing and advising on distribution and agency agreements
  • General legal advice and services in regard to specific facts;
  • Corporate governance; and
  • Due diligence investigations.


Incubation Support Programme

Incubation Support Programme, is a programme established by various government departments particularly within the ICT and agricultural sectors intended to ease the operation and financial challenges of the newly established companies through direct linkage of such companies under an existing, experienced and successful companies.


Through our experience, we are able to offer enterprise support particularly within legal advisory, compliance and risk governance to the Incubates as part of the Incubation Support Programme.

Small Business Advisory Support

Our experience has shown that the success of small business is hampered mostly by lack of professional guidance on compliance and risk governance. We therefore offer professional support to these businesses which includes the following:


  • Registration of companies with the Companies Intellectual Property Commission [CIPC];
  • Drafting of Share Subscription and Shareholders agreements;
  • Sourcing of BEE Certificates;
  • As part of our support, we also provide the following value added services through our network of professionals, Human Resources, Finance and Tax, Marketing, Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

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Our Services


Acorn Consultancy aims to provide you with legal advisory, risk governance and compliance solutions for your business, without breaking the bank [...]

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