Executive: Dinana Reid

Dinana is an admitted Attorney with over 15 years’ experience in the field of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Law and General Commercial Law. In her capacity as a legal advisor for various corporations, Dinana has not only acquired extensive commercial legal experience, but has also gained insight into the intricate workings of large multinational corporations and the particular business imperatives driving them.


This has resulted in her having the ability to not only utilize her technical ability to apply the law correctly, but also simultaneously assess both the commercial and legal risks in order to obtain a solution that operates as effectively as possible within the legal framework applicable - all of this with your greater business strategy in mind.


After completing her LLB [specializing in Tax and Cyber Law], Dinana joined Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr [previously Cliffe Dekker Fuller Moore Attorneys] as a Candidate Attorney. Subsequent to her admission as an Attorney, Dinana was appointed at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr as a Professional Assistant within the ICT Division.


Following this role, Dinana took up a position in Johannesburg as the Legal Advisor for MWEB Business, being a successful ISP providing various products and services to business in South Africa and beyond. Through her 7 year stay at MWEB Business, she gained extensive commercial legal experience within the ICT sector but has also extended her insight into the intricate workings of large multinational corporations and the particular business imperatives driving them.

Dinana’s next role after MWEB Business was with SARS in their Corporate Legal Services Department providing professional legal support to the Modernisation and Technology Department, managing their operational ICT legal requirements, sourcing and ensuring governance and compliance with the prescripts binding on SARS.


She has worked extensively within the e-commerce platform wherein she advised on various electronic transaction impacting on payment card industry as well as SARS’s e-filing system and worked closed with BankServe, BASA, PASA and first tier and second tier banks processing tax payment transaction. Most recently, she solely established the legal unit for companies within ICT, Agriculture and Agro-Processing sectors as well as Commodities Trading [soft commodities], for the management of their respective legal, risk governance and compliance requirements and thus gaining extensive experience in the trading of soft commodities, manufacturing, production and processing of food for distribution and retail.


Dinana has worked in the private and public sectors as well as for small and large corporations and her professional experience and passion for small businesses, led to her establishment of Acorn Consultancy, being a 100% black owned legal consulting firm.

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